Thursday, 26 July 2012

Behavioral Therapy - Cause and drawbacks of depression

Anger Management: Depression is a mental illness which will cause psychological distress to the person for suffering from it. It will be generally described as a lowering of mood for a period of two weeks or more. This impairment can cause the victim much loss of normal physical and mental functioning and can be triggered at any time. There are causes such as distressing life events that are thought to trigger depression. Depression can fall into a number of categories depending on symptoms present. It can affect anyone at any stage in their life and does not discriminate against race, gender or socio-economic status.

Depression will be triggered by a life event. Depending on the nature of the life event, the length of time that the depression lasts for can be longer than 2 weeks, with some episodes taking longer than 8 months to resolve. Many life events can cause a depressive episode such as relationship difficulties, financial problems and health issues. The risk factors involved with depression are correlated with increased chance of suffering an episode, so its important to educate the public and bring awareness to individuals.

Depression is surely the worst phase of your life. Many believe that depression can be overcome only by means of medications. But the side effects of these medicines can make the condition of the patient worse. You should remember that there are powerful tips to beat depression without prescription medications.

1. Most of the people will tend to keep aloof when they are in depression. Being indoors away from friends and loved ones makes thing difficult to handle. But of you choose to move around and interact with near and dear ones, your mood will automatically improve. Taking a walk enjoying the warmth of sunshine will definitely prove to be beneficial.

2. It is important to have balanced diet to keep up your spirits. Healthy food will develop a healthy body, which in turn will contribute towards making you happy and gay. You should properly take care of your body and develop hygienic habits.

3. You can also get yourself indulged in an activity of your choice. That can be sewing, playing music, working on a project or anything of that sort.

4. If you have writing talents, you can involve in creative writing. You can express your feelings through poems, short stories etc. Starting a blog is also a good idea to find a positive outlet for all the pent up feelings.

5. Committing towards a regular fitness regime is another way to cope with depression. Exercises make your body and mind fresh and enthusiastic. Practicing Yoga has been beneficial for many to get out of depression. You can try these powerful tips to beat depression without prescription medications and its drawbacks.

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