Thursday, 26 July 2012

Behavioral Therapy - Get positive impact with anger management

Marriage Counselor: When the temper is uncontrollable, you have to attend some anger management counseling sessions. By talking to a mental health care worker, a psychologist or a therapist, you will learn how to deal with your angry emotions. There are a number of techniques to help you improve your quality of life.

Anger is a normal human emotion, and everybody expresses it in certain situations. But if you continually blast off into full blown tantrums, you are likely to have problems at work and at home. When we are angry our bodies change physically and emotionally.

During an outburst of rage heart rate and blood pressure will increases suddenly. Brains are programmed to react aggressively and this will come from our ancestors who needed to protect themselves from being attacked by animals or hostile people. The physical changes gave them a feeling of strength and power.

Today we no longer need to react so aggressively. Counseling will teach you how to respond to your rage in the appropriate way. You will learn how to express your frustrations constructively. Aggressiveness will be replaced with assertiveness.

The art of relaxation is an important part of anger management. You have to learn more to relax properly and it will diffuse your rage and calm yourself down. If you and your partner have regular aggressive confrontations, the two of you should attend the counseling sessions together. It would be pointless for one of you to learn the necessary skills, while the other is still going off the handle for every little thing!

The first requirement of relaxation will be not known how to breathe correctly. You will also learn calming exercises like yoga. When irritation starts building up, such exercises have an amazing effect and you will immediately feel that terrible resentment gradually dissipating.

All of us have real problems in life, but outbursts of rage are not the way to deal with them. Counseling will make you realize that anger is not going to help solve any problem, and an outburst will not make you feel better. In fact, you will feel even worse. Counseling will also teach you how to confront your problems in a peaceful manner.

You will also learn some useful communication skills. Blurting out derisive comments to someone while you are angry is destructive communication. How often have you done this, only to feel like a real fool when you have calmed down? This is very unfortunate because you have probably really hurt someone's feelings.

With better communication skills you will have the ability to think before you speak when you are cross or frustrated. You may have good reason to confront a person, but your message will have more impact if you impart it in a cool, level-headed manner. 

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