Saturday, 14 July 2012

Teen Drug Abuse - Make your relationship Deeper & More meaningful

Teen Substance Abuse: Almost every relationship have difficulties from time to time. Most issues which arise between couples can be easily sorted out by the concerned pair. However, there are some issues which necessitate professional help in order to get them sorted out. There are variety of issues can lead to a breakdown of a marriage. These include serious character flaws, arguments over the upbringing of children, financial altercates and adultery. Couple counseling is a type of counseling which involves the couple with marital problems meeting up with a psychologist or social worker in order to find out and resolve the problems in their marriage. The effectiveness of couple counseling can be widely disputed. Though it does help many couples, research shows that a lot of them still choose to end their marriages and break up with their partners.

A lot of couples have issues as far as seeking professional help is concerned. This may be due to many reasons such as fear of admitting that their marriage has ended up in problems, troubles in finding a reputable counselor or still they believe that they can able to sort out their different on their own. A technique used by a lot of professional couples counselors is to meet up with the partners separately before meeting with them together. But at times, individual counselors first meet individual partners separately and then have a joint group discussion involving both the partners as well as both the counselors.

As a certified Marriage and family Therapist devoted to helping people in Florida, Mrs. Maria Sue Butler offer psychotherapy to individual adults, couples, teens and families, through Florida. Her specialty is treating Teen drug abuse - teenagers facing drug addiction and couples counseling - helping couples discover solutions to problems that lead to more fulfilling relationships. Coping with the stresses of life requires learned skills, so it is only natural that people need guidance in acquiring those skills. Learn how to build and maintain healthy, loving and respectful marriage and family relationships.

Couples counseling is a very beneficial way in order to create a deeper, more intimate and meaningful relationship and experience more joy and enthusiasm in your life. Please feel free to call us at 954.391.9816 with any questions.

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