Monday, 9 July 2012

Family Counseling - Importance of therapist in counseling

Family Therapist: Marriage is a journey of joy between two people who have promised to love one another forever. The two of them are supposed to face battles head on and build a life together. Once you are married, you are half of a partnership. But, becoming too caught up in the idea that it is you and your spouse against the world will make it difficult to admit when your relationship needs help. Lots of couples will adamantly believe that they should be able to fix their relationship themselves. When you are in the thick of marital problems, it will be more hard to be successful in finding solutions. So going to a marriage therapist will be a best rewarding.

A Marriage therapist will provide an objective, third party view on your situation. It is a common misconception that if you go to a female counselor, then she will side with the wife and vice versa. But, that is not the case. A good marriage therapist's role will not to choose sides or gang up on one partner. He is there to give unbiased advice. But, if you do feel that your counselor is being biased, bring it up. Any issues who are having with counseling will be addressed immediately for making sure that you are getting a positive experience.

When both parties are set on getting their points across, it will be more difficult to understand one another, often leading to arguments. A marriage counselor will be able to make sure that each spouse will be staying on topic and that both of you get a chance to speak. Many times one partner in a couple is more outspoken and abrasive, which will be making some arguments one-sided. Not only will your therapist make sure both of you have the same amount of time to voice your opinions and feelings, but also he'll ensure that neither of you takes on a harsh tone, nor becomes too negative.

With this allowing for both to speak openly will be helping your marriage therapist who will also have topic ideas and conversation starters meant to help draw out the underlying problems in your relationship. There may be things which will be too nervous to bring up in private that you now find you are comfortable talking about. Or, there may also be issues that you didn't even realize were causing you strife that are really a problem in your relationship. Marriage counseling provides a relaxed forum to express your concerns.

After talking about your marriage, your needs and your past, your counselor will be able to help you look for patterns in your relationships and assist you in drawing parallels from your past to your current state. It can be hard to look at your life and be objective.With a assistance of a licensed and educated therapist, it will be able to pinpoint characteristics about yourself that may be contributing to problems in your marriage. People will not often notice things about themselves. But, counseling gives you the tools you need to see where you can make adjustments.

Marriage counseling will not be fixing the problems in your partner. It is about looking at your own individual role in the marriage and where you can make improvements to live happy. It is also about looking at your marriage as its own entity, addressing the strong points, and making changes where necessary. Your therapist isn't responsible for giving you all the answers and doing all of the work for you.

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