Saturday, 14 July 2012

Teen Substance Abuse - ART offers Caring & confidential professional counseling

Teen Drug Abuse: When personal or work difficulties begin to diminish an individual's quality of life and also has a negative impact on their mental, physical or emotional welfare, then it could be time to talk with someone who has the necessary specialised training and expertise to give the support and help needed to identify and resolve such difficulties. Counselling is a medium which helps you to explore the difficulties you have within a caring, professional and confidential environment. Counselling enables you to access the coping and managing skills needed to determine what course of action would best help you resolve your personal issues. Action relational therapy is a professional discreet counselling agency run by Mrs. Maria Sue Butler and she is providing professional and confidential counselling. We have experienced, compassionate counsellors skilled at helping you tackle and resolve your personal and work related concerns in a caring and confidential atmosphere.

There is no such thing as a perfect family, no matter how calm it may be on the surface, inevitably, there are conflicts which may arise. Problems, arguments, unaired grievances all can induce conflict and tension between family members. We are here to mediate and advise members of a family who have trouble getting along. It is our job to treat the individuals of a family in the context of their relationships with one another. After evaluating the situation of our clients, we will determine the root of any problems and the best way to resolve any conflicting issues. Most common problems faced by us are juvenile behavioral problems, grief over the passing of a loved one, depression, anxiety, domestic violence, marital problems including but not limited to infidelity and infertility, and even substance abuse.

We have been helping our clients to enhance their strengths and develop their abilities to effectively deal with the experiences of living, growing and learning. We offers specialized services adults, children and teens. The therapeutic services cover developmental and remedial issues to adults through the lifespan at couple and family therapy levels.

As a family and marriage counselor, it is my desire to build healthy marriages. This necessitates both of you to put energy into the relationship. The decision to divorce is a baffling one. If you make that difficult decision you owe it to your children to redirect your energy to create a healthy co-parenting relationship in an atmosphere of peace. Divorce doesn't have to traumatize you or your children emotionally or financially. You have the option to work together to have a better, less costly divorce and to jointly make decisions for your family with help from caring trained professionals.

Children of divorce deserve normal lives, this requires parents to communicate in a healthy way in spite of frustrations with one another. Our proficient team helps you put your children first because you both may not be husband and wife anymore, but you'll always be Mom and Dad.

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