Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Marriage Therapist - Get back to the game of life (Substance therapy)

Behavioral Therapy: Substance-abuse is a disease. People who know someone stuggling with substance-abuse often wonder how to help drug addicts. The decision to try and get help for someone you care about who has an substance addiction is never easy. Fortunately, with the help of substance-abuse treatment they have a greater chance of overcoming their addiction. Substance abuse treatment is a behavior modification therapy for those who use drugs or alcohol to the detriment of themselves and others. Substance abuse counseling centers are facilities dedicated to drug abuse recovery and rehabilitation. Overcoming these addictions can be a slow, complicated, and painful process but recovery is possible if the individual has the right type of help and proper support from a professional therapist.

The most effective substance-abuse treatment programs incorporates individualized programs which teach the client how to break old habits by understanding what are all the contributing factors for drug abuse and addiction, and then helping the drug addict to incorporate new life skills focused on living without relying on drugs or alcohol. Getting expert assistance from a qualified therapist is the first step in developing a successful substance-abuse therapeutic program. Open and honest discussions with these therapists deliver the information needed for the process to begin. As the assessment process continues, signs of co-occurring disorders and other elements which contribute to addiction are also sought.

An effective substance abuse counseling center can efficiently address all the factors which contribute to an individual’s addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. Since the parameters of a person’s addiction vary, a substance abuse recovery ranch or other facility must be able to design individualized programs which offer provide the drug -addict with the necessary tools which give them the greatest chance for substance-abuse recovery. When these programs properly incorporate behavioral, psychological, and medical approaches, the prognosis for substance-abuse recovery will be excellent.

Action Relational therapy is a fully licensed outpatient substance abuse treatment facility for adults and teens. Therapist Dr., Mrs. Maria Sue Butler has 20 years of experience in the teen drug abuse treatment. We are also offering a range of therapeutic services which includes anger management, cognitive-behavioral therapy, behavior therapy, teen drug abuse, marriage counseling etc.,. We employs licensed professional counselors and also have connected with several psychiatrists who specialize in adult and adolescent populations. Our primary motive is to deliver quality care in individual and group settings by the blending of cognitive-behavior model with pharmacological treatment.

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